How to remember where you have parked your car thanks to Siri on your iPhone

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Brian Adam
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It will have happened to everyone at some point, whether when we go to work, to the movies or shopping at the mall, that no matter how hard we try we cannot remember where we left the car parked. Fortunately, and thanks to technology this can stop being a problem. With smartphones we can quickly locate where we park.

In the event that you have an iPhone, Apple introduced some time ago in its Maps application, a specific place to find out where we have left the car. With artificial intelligence, our phone is able to locate the exact place where it is parked. Either because we have CarPlay in the car, or because we carry it connected by bluetooth or simply through the aforementioned location and artificial intelligence. Now, as is customary in Apple, it is possible to perform this function directly from its intelligent assistant Siri, we will tell you how.

“Hey Siri, where is my car?”


We must always be cautious with these types of functions, because in the end this type of technology is not 100% exact and even less in a place with a large number of vehicles. CAny application that uses our GPS position is not entirely accurate and it always offers readings that may have a small deviation of a few meters.

To be able to remember where we have parked, even if we do not have any device anchored to the Bluetooth of our car, we just have to ask Siri. Once Siri triggered, just ask something like “Where is my car?”. Siri will answer you and show you its location on a map.

Then we go to the area where the GPS detects that we are, whether it is our home, work or shopping center (etc.), to enlarge the location until the maximum zoom allows us to see the important points. One of them will be us and another with the car that is marked with a blue icon and the words ‘parked car’.

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