How to remove an app completely without leaving a trace in macOS

eliminar apps completamente macos e1618596283271.jpg
eliminar apps completamente macos e1618596283271.jpg

When I was getting started in the Mac world almost 10 years ago, I always wondered why there was no option to uninstall or remove an app in macOS. As it came from Windows, he remembered that when accessing the famous «Control Panel», I could remove a program in the normal way. In macOS there is no native option that allows us to completely remove an app, with the exception of some that come from the Mac App Store itself or that have an uninstall option. Today in this tutorial I will show you a way to be able to remove an app completely eliminating any trace of related or temporary files that are stored over time.

Why is it good to know an alternative to remove an app completely in macOS?

If you have an app’s .dmg file and for some reason it doesn’t have an uninstall option. Or if you want to update or delete it permanently, you will not be able to do it in a good way. In my experience I can tell you that I have done this procedure over and over again. when I install an app that doesn’t work 100%. Also, when I am going to install an updated version of a software and I do not want the temporary files to remain as garbage.

If you don’t want to reset your Mac to remove everything (which is good to do) because you have some valuable software that you can no longer reinstall. Or you are simply lazy in maintaining your Mac and want to delete apps one by one, today I show you AppCleaner.

This alternative is useful, practical and light. In the blink of an eye you will be able to have all the content related to an app’s files without having to search manually.

AppCleaner is my effective solution to remove something completely

I prefer it because it is recognized software, it is free and it is compatible with the latest version of macOS Big Sur. Also, if you have previous systems there is full compatibility. What I like about AppCleaner is that that manual search for junk files completely replaces it. Simply drag an item from the Applications folder to the AppCleaner mailbox and you will see all the content surrounding a single app.

You will agree with me that it is better to delete an app completely rather than just superficially delete the app. An app in macOS has many internal files that make it work, as well as other temporary files that are hosted on our Mac to generate operation logs. Anything that the app generates on our Mac will be there and therefore they will go to different locations in the system.