How to Reset NVRAM or PRAM on Mac

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NVRAM is Non-Volatile Random Access Memory, how do we translate this? It is like a small space that stores certain settings of our computer, and then quickly access them. The settings that are saved depend on the type of Mac we have and the devices we usually pair. Due to the type of information that is stored, it is important to know how to reset NVRAM in case it ever fails.

PRAM (Parameter RAM) and NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) are a type of memory that stores a number of parameters and settings that the Mac uses to successfully boot up. They stand out because they have similar characteristics to RAM memory (reading speed and low access cost); but they can save information permanently. Unlike the RAM memory that only saves the information while it is in operation. Thanks to these features, the Mac uses this type of memory to save the parameters that it should rescue when booting the system.

How to Reset NVRAM or PRAM on Mac

The most common settings that we can find in NVRAM are the volume of the speakers, the screen resolution, the selection of the boot disk and, when they occur, the information about recent kernel errors.

For example, if you decided to mute the audio, and then restart your computer, you will find that when you turn on the traditional Mac sound does not sound. This is because the NVRAM saved the setting and also because it runs before the software starts. .

Sometimes you need to reset this memory to fix bugs or even for macOS to start up. If you have ever seen a question mark when starting your Mac, you may need to reset NVRAM.

Here are the steps to reset the PRAM and NVRAM:

  1. We turn off the Mac.
  2. We turn it on.
  3. Immediately after turning it on, we press and hold the key combination ALT + CMD + P + R.
  4. We do not release the combination until the computer restarts emitting the startup sound or showing the Apple logo for the second time.
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