How to reset or change your Windows 10 PIN if you have forgotten it

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Windows 10 offers different ways to identify us when logging into our user account. It is true that you can avoid having to identify yourself every time you turn on the computer, but for security reasons, it is always recommended that each user of the system have their own account and a secure way of identification. If you are one of those who uses a PIN to enter Windows 10 and you’re having trouble logging in, let’s show you how we can fix it.

When creating our user account, it is possible to choose between using a password, a PIN, an image password or even using our fingerprint to identify ourselves and be able to log in to Windows 10. In each case, the operating system itself Microsoft offers us an option to reset our password or PIN if we forget. That is, we will not be able to recover it, but we can change it for a new one if we identify ourselves as that same user.

To do this, we can distinguish between two scenarios, one if we have already logged in and another if we have not yet logged in. On each occasion, these are the steps we must follow to reset PIN in Windows 10.

Change PIN in Windows 10 without logging in

The Windows 10 access PIN can be a set of numbers or a combination of numbers and letters. Something that we can choose ourselves when establishing how to identify ourselves with our user account.

Login Windows 10

If we have not yet logged into our team and we want to change the access PIN, we may find the option on the system login page I forgot my PIN or that this option does not appear to us. In these cases, we will have to proceed as follows:

If we see the option I forgot my PIN

This option is displayed just below the PIN text box. If it appears, we must select it and follow the instructions requested by the system. If we have several user accounts on the computer, we will have to choose the one for which we want to reset the access PIN to Windows 10 and follow the steps.

This will take us to Enter the password to access your Windows 10 account and then we will be allowed to reset the PIN once we have identified and logged in.

If we don’t see the option I forgot my PIN

In this case, we will have to select Start Options. This will ask us to write our password to log in and then we can reset the PIN once we have identified ourselves.


Change Windows 10 PIN if we are logged in

Once we have logged in to the system, to change or reset our PIN to access the user account, we will have to follow the steps shown below:

  • We open the page of Setting Windows 10, (Win + I) or from the Start menu.
  • We navigate to the option Accounts> Login Options.

Windows 10

  • We select the option Windows PIN.
  • We click on the option I forgot my PIN.

Windows 10

  • We start the session with our Microsoft account.
  • We will be asked to verify our identity.

  • Then the screen to configure a new PIN will appear. We write the new PIN and we confirm it.