How to see your 2020 summary on TikTok

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TikTok has launched for the first time this year the possibility for each user to receive their “annual summary”, a personalized content that explains how their relationship with the Chinese social network has been, how many videos they have posted, how many “I like” they have received. content, what songs have been the ones that sounded in the videos that you liked the most … and many more statistics.

Each user can access their personalized 2020 summary on TikTok

This is a very popular feature on other social networks. For example, Spotify’s annual summary is eagerly awaited by many users, who are quick to share their rankings of the most listened to of the year on other social networks, generating a lot of virality for this content. In other networks such as Facebook, summary videos are also provided with the best moments of each user and are equally popular.

That is why this year TikTok joins the trend and allows users to have their personalized annual summary beyond having general statistics such as the most popular users worldwide, the most viral videos of the year, the most used songs in TikTok or the most successful marketing campaigns.

TikTok Year in Review

It makes sense that it does so in 2020, which has been so unfortunate for almost everyone but for TikTok it has meant a spectacular growth in the number of users, touching almost 1 billion worldwide despite the threat of blockade in the United States, and becoming one more year the most downloaded social media app.

If you want to get your summary of the year 2020 on TikTok and which have been the videos that have had the greatest reach, the users with whom you have interacted the most or which has been your most used filter, you just have to access TikTok and search, in the “For you” tab or in “Followed”, at the top of any video, a floating button like this:

Year on TikTok button

By pressing it, we access our summary of the year 2020 on TikTok. You just have to slide up the screen to access the different statistics. It is reported from the day we joined TikTok to the number of “likes” received. Finally, based on your use of the application during the year, it makes you some affirmations and predictions.

In addition, it is encouraged to publish and share the summary of the year on the social network. If you do, you will get a badge on your profile that encourages you to welcome 2021, like the following:

TikTok profile badge

Go ahead and share your summary of the year 2021 on your TikTok account. What has the Chinese social network meant for you this year? Do you use it? Leave us your opinion in the comments. This has been our summary of the year:

@ thirteenbitsMy ## YearOnTikTok

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