How to send a message to all your WhatsApp contacts

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Maybe you didn’t know, but if you want send the same message to many of your WhatsApp contacts, you don’t have to be forwarding over and over again. If you create a distribution list, you can skip the limitation of five forwardings at the same time that WhatsApp imposed to avoid the spread of false news and hoaxes, and send the same message to all the users you want.

Creating a distribution list on WhatsApp is very simple, but it should not be confused with a group chat

This is useful, for example, for send the same new year’s greeting to all your friends and loved ones. We have already told you some of the best Happy New Year 2021 messages that you can send through WhatsApp and now we are going to explain how to send a message to all your contacts at the same time.

All you have to do is open your WhatsApp application -this is valid for both Android and iPhone- and access the main menu. Once there you just have to go to the upper right corner, where you will find the option «New Broadcast».

When creating it, you will be able to choose all the contacts to whom you want to send your message. You will only have to click on «OK» or the green button once you have selected all the ones you want.

With this, you are not creating a group chat with all of them (don’t worry, although it is a very common mistake to confuse a chat with a broadcast list). If you have followed our steps, a conversation will open with all the contacts you have selected.

Now write the message you want to send (or copy and paste) and add the images you want, a GIF, a sticker, emojis … whatever you want. Keep in mind that everyone will receive the same message, so you will have to put something generic and nothing personalized.

As we say, this will come to you both for New Year’s greetings messages and at any time you want to send a message to all your WhatsApp contacts at the same time.

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