How to set an alarm directly from your Xiaomi Mi Band

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The family of Xiaomi Mi Band activity bracelets has become one of the great successes of the Asian company. The manufacturer has managed to be the great reference when buying a cheap smartband. And the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the latest example of this.

We are talking about a wearable that comes loaded with features so that you can enjoy an excellent user experience. In addition, there are a good number of functionalities that make a difference.

The problem is that there are many tricks for the Xiaomi Mi Band that do not appear in the user manual. And today we are going to show you how you can set an alarm directly from your activity bracelet.

Activate or deactivate alarms with your Xiaomi Mi Band

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Xiaomi

One of the most interesting functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, also available in previous models is the possibility of set alarms. Obviously, this fitness tracker doesn’t have a microphone, but it does use vibration to wake you up.

And the process it is much more pleasant than waking up startled by the characteristic sound of the alarm. The configuration process is really simple, since you only have to use the corresponding tool in the official application.

In this way, through My Fit We must go to Profile and look for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 or earlier models. Once inside, there is a space called Alarms. From there you can set the alarm at the time you want.

The best of all? That you can create all the alarms you want. So far we are facing a very useful tool that will allow you toonfigure different times for the activity tracker to wake you up.

But, what many do not know is that you can activate or deactivate these alarms directly from the Xiaomi Mi Band. To do this, all you have to do is slide your finger down to access the options menu of the activity bracelet.

Once inside, look for the Alarms option. Here you will see all the alarms that are configured through Mi Fit. To the right of each of the alarms you have there is a small circle, which is highlighted in blue when it is activated, or without any color if it is deactivated.

Well, simply you will have to select the alarms that you want to sound so that it is activated on your smartband automatically. In this way, you can create a good number of alarms from Mi Fit, and then manage them with your Xiaomi Mi Band depending on your needs. A very simple trick as well as effective.


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