How to transcribe and save all Zoom meetings

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Users who pay a premium subscription to Zoom, the most widely used video calling app in the world, can save their meetings on the platform to the cloud. If there are many that save – for example, if it is a company that develops all its virtual meetings or events through Zoom – you might be interested in using a storage service such as Dovetail, which also allows meetings to be transcribed and tagged to find them easily or go to that part of the meeting where something interesting was said.

Dovetail allows you to tag your recordings and find them easily

Dovetail is a service accessed through the web and that allows meetings to be transcribed, tagged and shared in different formats… from the cloud. The service, launched a few years ago, has now announced its support for Zoom recordings and can be used for free for seven days by registering on their website. After this time, it is necessary to subscribe a payment plan in Dovetail, although the platform, while it is in beta, will be free.

By having Dovetail and Zoom installed on your computer, you can bring your Zoom meeting recordings to Dovetail and transcribe them in just a matter of minutes. Dovetail works with Artificial Intelligence, and its voice engine has been fed with more than 50,000 hours of content, transcribed by a team of humans, with different types of topics, sectors and accents, to improve the transcription of meetings.

Dovetail web

Once a meeting is finished in Zoom, the user must enter Dovetail and select the Zoom tab, where the recordings already made will be found. You just have to select the one you want to transcribe and click on “Start”. The process may take a few minutes.

Once the transcript is obtained, the user can perform other tasks. For example, you can manually add tags to your video to find that recording more quickly among all those stored in Dovetail. You can also highlight parts of the text within the video to highlight important points in the recording. They can be customized by color and thus go directly to the segment to be analyzed without wasting time looking at all the material.

Those important snippets already tagged can easily be shared with other people. Thus, the entire content would not have to be viewed to find the part to be shared, since being tagged, it would only be necessary to perform a search in Dovetail to find the videos that include that text or fragment.


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