How to use a Samsung flash as a notification LED

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How to use a Samsung flash as a notification LED

Notification LEDs, along with technologies like the headphone jack, are increasingly deprecated. However, using the advanced options of a Samsung phone with One UI, we can use the flash as a notification LED. It is a rather curious option that we already saw in terminals such as iPhone and that from the Samsung settings, although the option is somewhat hidden, we can activate.

We are going to show you how you can use the flash of your phone as a notification LED, in case you want to have your mobile face down and continue to be aware of the notifications you receive. The process doesn’t take much more than a minute, although you have to dig through the settings to find the option.

Using the device flash as an LED


One UI has a function for use the flash as a notification LED. In addition to this, it also allows lighting the device’s own screen to use it as an LED, although here we will focus the tutorial on the first option. You should bear in mind that this function is included within the accessibility ones, so, although it fulfils what was promised, it is not as discreet as a notification LED would be. What we will achieve is that the flash blinks when we get a notification although it will do so with the intensity of the LED itself, it is not dimmed lower so as not to dazzle as much.

  • We open the Samsung settings
  • Accessibility
  • Advanced settings
  • Flash notification

In the case of Samsung, we can even access a preview of how these notifications will look on the phone. As we anticipate, we can both activate the camera flash and the screen itself to work as flash notifications. This function, depending on the number of notifications we receive per day, may have a certain impact at an energy level, something that we must take into account before activating it.

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