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How to use the Translate app in iOS 14 with an iPhone

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App Traducir Portada.jpg

With the arrival From iOS 14 to the iPhone, Apple released an interesting new app that I’m sure you can get a lot out of. This is the Translate app, an app with which you can translate any text or voice memo into many languages. Haven’t you tried it yet? Let us show you in this tutorial how to use the Translate app in iOS 14 to get the most out of it.

A note of clarification, the Translate app in iOS 14 is exclusively for the iPhone

Bad news in case you didn’t know is that you can only use the Translate app in iOS 14. It does not exist for the iPad, which seems very strange to us. Apple should include it, although it is not the most obvious case since the iPhone’s native Calculator app is not on the iPad either. In my case I had to test it on an iPhone, since I usually use an iPad for tutorials. That’s when I got the bad news that I hadn’t noticed from the beginning (due to lack of use).

Once taking this situation into account, we begin with the tutorial.

The Translate app in iOS 14 is as useful as any other translator but it is from Apple

Just as there are other apps that do practically the same thing, Apple intends to offer us an alternative to avoid going to a third-party website or app. As can happen with other apps such as Calendar, Mail, Notes, Reminders, etc. Apple wants us to use their translator.

The strongest advantage is that it is directly integrated into the operating system, so we do not have to download anything (except offline languages). The interface is clean and minimalist, what stands out is the large microphone button which invites us to invoke the translator to detect the language we are speaking. If you prefer, you can also use text to translate.

The app has several languages:

  • German
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Spanish – Spain)
  • French france)
  • English (US)
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian

We hope that with the next iOS 14 updates there will be more language variations. In other words, in Spanish, a variant of Mexico and Latin America is missing. In English some additional variation could be added to the British and American.

These are the tasks that the Translate app will allow you to do in iOS 14.

Translate voice quickly

  1. Launch the Translate app.
  2. Select the source and target languages ​​for the translation.
  3. Press the microphone button and speak.
  4. Finish by pausing at the end and the app will show you the translation on the screen as well as doing it aloud.

If it is a wide conversation it is better to use it in landscape mode (horizontal) to have more space on the screen.


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