How to use your mobile device as a “second screen of Netflix”

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It is evident that if we have to choose between managing Netflix with the touch screen of our mobile (or tablet) or a remote control of buttons on our Smart TV, the decision is very simple because the way to save time and enjoy a great experience more friendly We are only going to be able to squeeze it to the fullest with the phone.

That is why the streaming platform of Reed Hasting It has a function that has been called “second screen of Netflix” And that works as a personalized remote control when we transmit content to a Smart TV through a device such as a Chromecast, a Fire TV Stick and even thanks to direct synchronization with some televisions compatible with that standard.

Faster and easier

As we tell you, that “second screen of Netflix” is, really, the aspect that the app takes on our mobile device when we handle the reproduction of series and movies connected to a Smart TV, which substantially improves the user experience by having functions at our fingertips that, otherwise, we would have to be searching and selecting through the always crude controls remote with rubber buttons.

How to use your mobile device as a "second screen of Netflix"

As you can see from the captures that you have just above, This “second Netflix screen” is activated when choosing the device on which we will broadcast the content and, later, access functions in a much faster way: audio and subtitle languages, immediate forward or backward, choice of seasons and chapters, etc. As the company itself reminds us, “lThe Netflix application on your mobile device is capable of synchronizing with some televisions and streaming players. This allows you to use your tablet or phone to control the Netflix experience. “

This “second screen of Netflix” works on both iOS and Android, either through the Chromecast’s characteristic sharing menu or the Airplay standard if you have an Apple TV connected to the television. In both cases, it is possible to leave our smartphone or tablet as a multimedia center to handle everything we see, or what we will project next, thanks to the possibility of browsing the entire platform catalog quickly and easily without interrupting what we are seeing. A tool that many times we do not remember that we have at our fingertips and that will avoid problems when searching, finding and starting to see.