How to watch all free movies and series from Pluto TV on your smartphone

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We have been watching streaming (paid) platforms make their way onto our mobile devices for so long that it is strange to imagine that one of them adopts a format of use similar to that of Spotify free: that is, free content in exchange for advertising that is projected within everything we see. As if it were a traditional television network where every so often we have an ad unit.

But he is already here, in a ViacomCBS business adventure with the support of Movistar + in everything that has to do with the advertising marketing of their content, which is, after all, the only source of income they will receive. However, after a first premiere through the website, we can finally enjoy all that free total on the screen of our smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android.

Neither account, nor high, nor anything

One of the great advantages is that neither in the web part nor in the mobile apps, Pluto TV will ask us to create an account with which to identify ourselves. We do not know if this will change in the future but it is a way of incentivizing us when deciding to view content among its channels and VOD catalogs quickly and without obstacles. And the user experience is totally transparent: we open the app and start to see. Of course, as we do not have an account, we will not be able to save where we are going, so we will have to be attentive to what that chapter is that we have left halfway, to return just to that moment later.

Pluto TV app for smartphone.

You have the two applications already available on both iOS and Android and as soon as you get them, you just have to access them to start watching content. The first channel of the TV guide will automatically appear, which you can control by browsing the live programs. One tap on any other and we’ll switch to it, and there are about 40 of many themes.

Anyway, If you prefer to watch a series or a movie whenever you feel like it, without being tied to the live show (although we can choose to “watch from the beginning”), then you will have to go to the “On Demand” section that you will see at the bottom. Once you click there, the featured content will appear that, later, you can customize by type: series, films, tops, documentaries, etc. Everything, obviously, will be colored by the presence of advertisements, so you must take it into account when selecting some content, although, if this is clear to you, the Pluto TV experience may even be satisfactory.

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