Huawei changes strategy: it closes its doors to the USA and invests in Russia

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Huawei changes strategy: it closes its doors to the USA and invests in Russia

As the Trump administration continues to target Huawei with new executive orders, the Shenzhen giant has decided to set its sights on Russia and move all investments from the United States to the neighbor led by Vladimir Putin.

This was said by the founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei himself during a visit to the most prestigious Chinese universities: “After the United States included us in the Entity List (the blacklist of banned Chinese companies, ed) we transferred all our investments from the US to Russia, expanding the team of Russian scientists and increasing their salaries”.

This move comes in a crucial period for the companies of the Dragon: in fact, many of them have been involved in the technological war between China and the US, in particular Huawei which now would find itself without a high-end Kirin SoC to be installed in its high-end smartphones such as Huawei Mate 40, if not even about to leave the smartphone market.

In these not-so-simple months for Zhengfei’s company, which however would still seem to have the support of France, the choice to move investments to Russia is certainly wise: rather than remain inactive or suffer one blow after another, better act and build a new future. As stated by Zhengfei himself, “We are looking for a way to deal with the US ban on smartphone processors. […] if you want to be strong you have to learn from everyone, including your enemies. In any case, we will never hate the United States: [questi provvedimenti] they are just what the politicians want and they do not represent American companies, citizens or even schools “.

Recall that Huawei would also be ready to start the “Nanniwan” project to achieve technological independence from the United States. Will all these new policies be successful? We will only find out in a few years.