Humit, a new social network to discover and share music

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Humit is a new social network that allows users to discover new musical trends, new artists and songs, based on their tastes and allows users to share up to 30 seconds of any song in the app itself or on their social networks.

The Hums are the 30 second excerpts that are shared on Humit

In order to share music on Humit, you must be a user of a music streaming service. At present, it can be used with Spotify, although it is preparing its integration with other services such as Apple Music or SoundCloud, but at the moment, there is no official information on when it will be available in these applications. It is not known if it will be released for iOS, but the app is now available for free download on the Google Play Store.

The application is intended for share music through it (what is called «doing hum) in an easy way. According to the platform, the ways of sharing music on social networks so far do not work well, since sharing the URL of a Spotify song on Facebook, Stories from Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger forces the user to change the application, which many times it is a nuisance. Most of the time, interaction is lost, and users do not comment on whether or not they liked the topic.

Also, trusting the music recommendation to algorithms doesn’t work either, as this method relies on displaying songs that are very similar to what users are already listening to. In this sense, Humit offers some unique features when sharing a “hum”, which is what they call the 30-second excerpts that are shared, and which seek to improve the interaction between users to the rhythm of the music. They are as follows:

-Half: In addition to the multimedia files associated with the song, such as the photo of the artist and the album, the user can add GIFs to all their “hums”.

-Real time messaging: Humit offers a chat to comment on the song with the contacts.

-Reel mode: Humit offers a number of options to add a “hum” to Reels with the ability to “like”, mark as a favorite, create an extended “hum”, auto-play, trigger responses and comment, and recommend.

-Recommendations: It is possible to create recommendations so that followers know what is being heard at all times.

-Profile: In the Humit profile it is possible to show the Spotify playback history so that the contacts can know the artists and songs that are listened to.

-Seasons: It is a group functionality, which forms user communities about musical genres, specific themes and moods.


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