Ideas to create contests on Instagram

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Among the many options that Instagram offers to gain visibility and gain followers, contests are one of the ones that works best as long as they are carried out according to the marketing strategy set for our social networks. In this sense, contests allow accounts not only to grow, but to improve engagement with followers, and they are tremendously effective for social networks like Instagram.

Some ideas to create contests on Instagram and improve the visibility of an account.

In this sense, a study Tailwind shows that contest-related posts on Instagram can get up to 64 times more comments and 3.5 times more “likes” compared to a normal post, as seen in the following image:

There are many types of contests that can be run to get more engagement, such as:

-Tag another user: It is the most common type of contest and also the simplest. It basically consists of tagging another user in a publication through a comment. It is a good idea to improve the organic reach of a profile, since tagged people will receive a notification, those people will visit your profile and there is a high probability that they will become your followers. To avoid looking like you’re just looking to gain followers, you can ask users to “nominate” a friend.

-User generated content: For companies and brands that have products, a good contest idea is to ask them to take a photo using it. It is a way of creating user-generated content. The most common is to create a unique hashtag that will be used to find that content.

– «Like» to win: This is a contest that allows you to increase the organic visibility of a publication. In this sense, if a publication receives many “likes” it is easier for the Instagram algorithm to show it more times.

-Votes: This can be a tricky type of contest, as you have to create a unique hashtag and ask followers to create content with it. In this sense, it is possible to ask users to tag the account in the image to be able to find all the publications. Finally, users can be asked to vote by “likes” their favorite photos.

-Photo caption contest: This can be a very fun contest. A photo must be created and uploaded to the account and users are asked to write a caption. To find out who the winner is, users will have to vote with a “like” on their favorite captions.

-Challenges: These contests pose a challenge to fans, who must meet it to win. In this sense, the simpler the challenge, the more engagement it will create and the more people will participate.

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