If you reply to this message you will lose your WhatsApp account

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Surely you remember a story from last year when it jumped to the media and that he came to tell us that Albert Rivera, former leader of Ciudadanos, had had his WhatsApp account stolen and prevented access to your messages and other multimedia content. Many users wondered how it was possible if the confirmation code only reaches us, at our phone number, but everything has an explanation.

The system used was as simple as asking the account holder (in this case Albert Rivera) to forward a code to the hacker that allegedly had just reached his phone. The former politician, who was aware that he was being the victim of a phishing attack, did not think that this six-number password belonged to his phone number, so as soon as he gave it to the hacker, he could no longer consult everything. stored on his own smartphone.

How is that message?

The first thing we usually receive is an SMS with the typical WhatsApp verification code when someone wants to register a new mobile. You will think that it is a mistake, because you have not requested it, but the answer to that question comes almost instantly, with a missed call within the messaging app and a couple of text communications where they try to make us bite the hook.

Dangerous WhatsApp messages. Smart Life.

As you can see from the screen that you have just above, and always through WhatsApp, the pirate will try to make us believe that this code corresponds to his mobile number and that you have sent it to us by mistake. As it tries to make everything happen quickly so that we do not have time to think, some users will believe what it says and give you the code they have received, almost immediately losing control over their messages, photos, videos or voice notes.

It is obvious that no one (least of all someone you don’t know and who calls you from another country, as is this case) is going to send you their activation code, so it is obvious that it is trying to access your account, so you have to look at the origin of the message with the six-number verifier: is it in the SMS app and the sender is WhatsApp itself? If so, don’t ever share anything. As a last detail to take into account, you can always be a bit of a hooligan (but only a little) and write a code that has nothing to do with it with the one that has come to you. So you keep him entertained thinking that he will achieve his goal when in reality he is further away than ever. XD

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