If you use Gmail on the iPhone it can now be your default manager with iOS 14

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One of the features that iOS 14 brings with it for the iPhone and for the iPad (in this case iPadOS 14) is that it can be configured so that the default application for both email and Internet can be chosen by us. We will no longer have to send an email or surf the Internet with native Apple applications. We tell you how we can choose, in this case, Gmail to send emails.

Setting Gmail as the default application is easy if you know how

Any user can have one or more applications to manage your email accounts on the iPhone or iPad. Even several browsers for certain and different actions.

However, when we want to send an email from a second application, it is done from the native application. With iOS 14 this has changed and we can choose our own manager. In that case we are going to see how to choose Gmail, but it can also be done with Outlook, for example, much better than the first one, due to various issues.

these are the steps to follow so that you can change the default app.

We have to go to settings and look for the application. In this case Gmail. When accessing it we will see several options, such as, for example, the permissions that we have given to the application to be able to access. The microphone or Siri. If we want it to use mobile data to configure itself or update in the background.

So far the normal functionalities, but with iOS 14 the function that is “Default Mail App” has been added. By default Mail is indicated, but if we access we can choose Gmail.

Already ready. From now on when we want to send an email message through second applications, with the share button, we no longer have to search for the Gmail application. By default Gmail will open and we will send the email.

As we have said, we can do the same with other applications and even with the Internet browser.

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