If you want to save videos and GIFs on Twitter, try Savetweetvid

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Twitter is a social network in which we can inform ourselves in real time of everything that happens in the world. But it does not stop there, it is also a huge source of entertainment due to the amount of content that we can find there. In that sense, we will talk about an alternative that will allow you to save the videos published on Twitter.

Its name is Savetweetvid and it is an extension for Chrome that will enable the ability to save Twitter videos.

A button to save Twitter videos

As we mentioned before, on Twitter we can find a lot of content of all kinds. Sometimes we can find memes, audios or videos that are very interesting or too funny and we want to save them. Before we have talked about other mechanisms to get hold of these videos, such as Twitter bots. These are useful both on the web and from the mobile, however, we can have a better experience from the computer.

This is precisely what Savetweetvid offers by joining Chrome as an extension. His proposal is quite simple to save Twitter videos, place a download button just below each tweet with video. In this way, when we are from the computer, it will be enough to click the button to obtain the material.

In this way, we have in Savetweetvid a great ally to save Twitter videos from the web. The extension can be downloaded for free from the link at the end of this article. Once incorporated into the browser, you are ready to save Twitter videos. In that sense, go to the platform and when you see a tweet with video, you will also have the download button available.

When you click, a new tab will open where you will see the different quality options in which the material is available. Choose the one you want and the Twitter video download will begin. Follow the same process with all the audiovisual material that you want to obtain from Twitter.

To prove it, follow this link.


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