IKOHS NETBOT S15, analysis: a serious candidate for the good, nice and cheap of vacuum robots

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IKOHS NETBOT S15, analysis: a serious candidate for the good, nice and cheap of vacuum robots

Despite the fact that Roomba, Conga or Dyson are still the vacuum robots that capture the innovations in the sector, there are other brands that have managed to make a name for themselves with such irrefutable arguments as the value for money. And here, on paper, the IKOHS NETBOT S15 has a lot to say thanks to its tricks such as its HEPA filter, its control through mobile phones or voice assistants and its price below 200 euros. We have tried this cheap robot vacuum cleaner and this has been our experience.

IKOHS NETBOT S15 datasheet

DIMENSIONS 330 x 75 mm
NAVIGATION Random (SmartGyroscope)
SUCTION POWER 1,500 pascals
WATER TANK CAPACITY 200 ml (400 solids + 200 liquids)
VOICE ASSISTANTS Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant
BATTERY 2600 mAh
AUTONOMY Up to 120 minutes
FILTER Sponge Clean + HEPA
NOISE Up to 60 dB
WHAT IS IN THE BOX? Charging base, vacuum cleaner, filter replacement, sink accessory,
replacement of mop and side brushes, magnetic tape, remote control, manuals and cleaning accessory
PRICE 166 euros

A conservative and functional design

Ikohs Netbot S15

The one of the IKOHS NETBOT S15 is a design most common among the most affordable vacuum cleaners: flattened cylindrical body with a “bumper” on the front. As for physical actuators, on its surface, we find two: a rather striking button on the top to start or stop cleaning manually and the on and off button, located on the discreet side. And I say the discreet thing because during the configuration I ignored the detail of turning it on, which considerably complicated the work. One more note: its mirrored finish can be attractive to the eye, but in practice, it is very little suffered from drops, dust, hair and the greasiness of the fingers.


Is about a compact and rather a light robot, what a priori gives you the advantage of being able to better access places such as under furniture or between legs. Of course, in exchange, it will suffer more when faced with tall objects such as thick rugs, something that we already anticipated that is the case. According to the manufacturer, can “scale” up to two-centimetre objects.


It is time to turn around to find the sensor and its cleaning brushes. Thus, we visualize the classic fall sensors to detect slopes, which together with the anti-collision sensor and various gyroscopes are in charge of navigation, named according to the manufacturer as SmartGYROSCOPE, which we will talk about later.

The IKOHS NETBET S15 comes with two side brushes with three strips to attract dirt towards the centre and a silicone central roller with helically arranged bristles, a common configuration and materials in entry-level models. The elements on the lower part are completed by the loading plates, the Omni-directional wheel and two other wheels responsible for the robot’s movement.

Its base is compact, simple and minimalist, with a green LED to inform us of the charge. It is important to place it with enough space (just over a meter) on the sides and in front so that the robot can enter and exit without a problem, in fact, I had to change the position to find an ideal location. With the side brushes placed on the vacuum cleaner, sometimes the base – robot contact was not correct, which caused the IKOHS NETBOT S15 not to charge.

Configuration and tuning: a matter of patience

Although it has a command and we can launch it to clean simply by hitting the “play”, it is very comfortable to do it from the mobile, which allows us not only to operate it while at home but also outside of it. Of course, for this, you have to configure it properly, something that took me a while … now you will see why.

The first thing is to download and install the application. If you start looking for the app on the download platform, you will discover that there is more than one and that not all work. To get it right, just read the QR code at the bottom or in the manual. However, in the documentation, it is detailed that you have to download “IKOHS” in the App Store or “NETBOT” in Google Play, but in the latter case we find up to four applications and none are called exactly like that. Once installed, we will do the following (I have done it with iOS):

1) Open the application and create an account, in which we will introduce our personal data and email. Once concluded, we enter and accept the conditions of use.

2) Click on “Add device” and choose “Robot Vacuum Cleaner” and our specific model. Another option, read the QR code that comes on the bottom of the robot (recommendable). We start the robot from the button on the side.

3) Then we are looking for our Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz) and we enter the password. The Wi-Fi light on top of the robot will blink and you will hear a “robot is networking” message.

4) From the application, we will receive the instruction to restart the robot and hold down the top button for a few seconds until it emits a sound.

5) The app recommends that phone, router and vacuum cleaner are close by so that the connection is established. In my case, I had to repeat it several times until the connection successful message appeared.

Ikohs App

Notably this robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with voice assistants from Google and Amazon, which also allows us to control it by voice. For this we will have to add this device from the corresponding app.

How is cleaning

After configuring it, we put it into action as it is, that is, with normal power, vacuum mode and automatic cleaning. An hour and a half later, he returns to the base. Is first cleaning has been acceptable: I usually run the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis, so that except for an accident, it is usually not dirtier apart from dust, hair, crumbs and some grit.

Of course, throughout the days we will check that if there is more voluminous and heavy dirt – such as blades of grass or some petal -, it does not collect them even in the “Strong” mode, more ambitious in terms of suction power and foreseeably reaching 1,500 Pascals listed in the specifications. In this sense, Fits for houses that are not too dirty or for maintenance, complementing the cleaning of floors with other elements such as a sled vacuum cleaner or a broom.

According to the manufacturer, its autonomy is two hours, a time that at least in normal mode complies… and it is very useful since as we will see in the navigation section, the time used to clean our house varies enormously from one day to the next. My house is rather small (65 – 70 square meters) and, as you can see, it has not been so abundant. In any case, it is always advisable to leave the house collected to avoid traffic jams and optimize their autonomy. One more note on charging: it is rather slow, requiring about four hours to complete.

Although the automatic is the one we are going to use the most, it also includes spiral cleaning programs, edges, steering – as if it were a remote control car – and sweeping.


The IKOHS NETBOT S15 does not have a specially designed carpet program, but taking into account that it has a “Strong” mode and that it is capable of climbing obstacles of up to two centimetres, we tested it with our thick mat. It is not the first time that a vacuum cleaner is stuck trying to climb up to it … it is not the case of this model, which runs through it without major problem. Of course, cleaning is quite improvable: just shake it to check that all of the IKOHS NETBOT S15 we find all the necessary information to properly maintain the robot vacuum cleaner and parts such as the side and centre brushes, the filter, tanks or the charging base, among others.

Img 5423 3

One of the most frequent tasks that we are going to carry out is going to be that of empty the tank. The starting point is identical to the exchange of both deposits: press the tab on the side to pull it and release it. When it is out, press the tab again and pull up to open the lid. We can now throw away the trash and access the filter, which according to the manufacturer has to be replaced every three months (an additional unit comes).

After removing the filter, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the tank and the pre-filter by tapping and / or putting it under the tap simply with water. Before returning it to its place and re-embedding the filter, the system consisting of the tank and the pre-filter must be completely dry. To avoid odours and obstructions, after scrubbing we will empty the tank and remove the mop, which is washable

IKOHS NETBOT S15, Xataka’s opinion

For you

Vacuum robots may not vacuum as much or as well as we do with a sled vacuum, but how good they come to keep the house moderately clean on a day-to-day basis without effort. It is true that there are ambitious models in terms of suction power and navigation, which translates into a more efficient cleaning, but also in a significantly higher cost. Where’s the balance? For many, the IKOHS NETBOT S15 will be a clear candidate for performance and price.

its suction power and autonomy are capable of satisfying those who want basic daily cleaning and have a floor of approximately 100 square meters, although we will help you greatly by clearing the ground. If we also choose to clean rooms by transferring them from one room to another, better than better. Although light years away from manual scrubbing – like most – this option never hurts.

Another of his big claims is his condition of connected, which means not only that you have an application, but it can also be controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa. The app is not complicated nor does it offer great customization options, such as cleaning rooms, but usually what we do most is simply launch it to clean or stop it, something that we can do wherever we are. And for the least techiesComes with remote.

But if the IKOHS NETBOT S15 has a strong point, that is its price. It is neither the most powerful, nor the most intelligent, nor the one that offers the most options, but for less than 200 euros it is a very capable alternative for daily domestic cleaning without pretensions. In the absence of knowing how it ages, its cover letter as a cheap and connected robot vacuum cleaner is very attractive.

The device has been assigned for testing by the brand. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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