I’m a chicken! I’m a chicken! … a woman with a strange mental illness

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This is the 57th case on the medical record in the last 170 years. (Photo: Internet)

Belgium: There is also a strange but very rare type of mental illness in which the sufferer begins to think of himself as an animal. The incident is also about a Belgian woman who began to think of herself as a chicken.

Klinische Praktijk, a research journal of clinical psychiatry in Belgium Latest issues A 54-year-old woman was brought to a hospital in Gasthuisberg, Leon, who was not only making chicken-like noises, but when doctors asked her who she was, she said, “I have chicken.” I am! I am a chicken! ”He replied. (Adhering to medical ethics, this research journal does not reveal the woman’s identity.)

Fortunately, after a while, she started having severe tremors and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she was completely normal, but she did not remember at all that during the last few hours, she was feeling like a hen and was acting like a hen.

Experts at the University of Lyon conducted a thorough investigation but found no evidence that the woman had used drugs, drunk or smoked in the past. In addition, no one in his family had a mental illness.

The condition in which a person begins to think of himself as an animal is called “Zoanthropy” in medical language, which is a very rare type of mental illness. From 1850 to 2012, only 56 cases of this mental illness were reported, while Belgium is the 57th case in this regard.

To this day, scientists do not know the cause of zoo anthropia, but they do know that, rarely, but sometimes, someone is suddenly attacked by a disease.