In Biden’s tenure, how is Big Tech projected?

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After Biden’s victory, much is said. The Democrat has not yet formally taken the lead in the United States, even the electoral contest has not been fully defined.

Biden has won the presidency, but it is not clear who will control the US Congress A situation that keeps Americans in an environment of uncertainty, not only for this reason, but also for the decision making could get complicated. It is clear that a clash of powers could arise.

Now, when we talk about technology, what do we find? A group of large companies investigated for monopolistic practices. Democratic and Republican senators agree that Big Tech companies use their might to stifle competition.

Tech giants could lose immunity

Bich Tech companies not only stifle competition, but also abuse the law to handle information at will, according to senators.

Facebook and Twitter have been accused of using section 230 to justify their actions on social platforms. Which? Limit the content that is published there, even when the information provided is of interest to the general public.

Situation that has led the Senate to summon these organizations with the purpose of discussing section 230. Call that revealed high possibilities of repealing the law, and thus eliminating the immunity that protects these companies.

In the case of Twitter, Republicans accuse it of censorship and anticonsevative bias. But why? Because the platform labeled several of his Tweets as lacking information. However, when they talk about anti-conservative practices, they refer to the fact that the network blocked access to information published by the New York Post that put Biden’s reputation on trial. All this during the presidential campaign.

On the contrary, Twitter has rejected these allegations, claiming that its policy updates are made with its community in mind and to provide reliable information.

For their part, Democrats have indicated that they are concerned about the “hate speech and conspiracy theories” that these platforms use to deceive users and incite them to participate in groups that only seek to play with people’s mentality, making them fall into chains of lies.

Lawsuit against Google

Biden will also have to face a pending lawsuit against Google. What will happen to this legal mess? Will he still stand or will the Democrat take other measures to punish the tech giant?

Google is accused of abusing its search tools and online advertising to further grow its business and undermine its competition. The potential of the Montain View company is so much that in addition to using Android, it pays Apple to use its default search engine. A clear sign that it leaves no room for competition.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg’s company is accused of violating the privacy of its users. In addition to having a recommendation algorithm that encourages people to fall into hate groups.

Facebook is “a real problem,” according to Biden

Biden has referred to Facebook as “a real problem.” And not only he, Kamala Harris on retreats has also criticized this company, he refers to it as a company that knows everything about you, from what you do to where you go.

Even recently, a new rumor came to light that Zuckerberg’s company could receive two lawsuits for monopolistic practices before the end of 2020, which are supported by 40 states. If this information is true, Facebook would be in the same situation as Google.

How would Biden face this case? In our opinion, Facebook could be seen badly, since it is a company that is not being very well seen by either post-Democrats or Republicans. Will Facebook have to part with some of their signatures?

The tech giants have stated that they will defend themselves fiercely against the attacks and demands received. So what will Biden face? Undoubtedly, in a rather complicated climate, where he will have many decisions to make, and if the Republicans win the Senate, these are even more complicated.


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