In search of the lost app, free apps and games by …

1618763888 en busca de la app perdida portada.jpeg
1618763888 en busca de la app perdida portada.jpeg

One more week and that means we have a new compilation of free apps and games for a limited time called “In Search of the Lost App.” IOSMac Weekly Space in its fifth edition. What is this about Directly on the App Store both discounts and free apps are offered, our goal is to bring you the most interesting ones for free.

In search of the lost app, finding out about free apps and games in the App Store


We start this compilation with dedicated apps for drawing lovers and more if they have an iPad and an Apple Pencil. The first is Asketch, A versatile sketch pad that promises to develop your creativity anytime, anywhere.

It is characterized by a simplicity that makes it perfect for those users who are still learning to draw. For advanced artists, it will be an ideal canvas for cartoons, landscapes, etc. It has a transform function, which allows you to change the size of the drawing and move it anywhere on the canvas. A powerful zoom to draw in maximum detail.