In this way, Tesla users will be able to remotely view their car cameras

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The Sentinel mode from Tesla is about to take things to a whole new level by allowing Tesla owners to remotely see what their cars can see through Autopilot cameras. It has recently emerged that Tesla is planning a major software update, probably version 11, to be released to its entire fleet over the holidays.

The CEO Elon Musk, does not stop creating “hype” around this new update with surprise features. It’s still trying to figure out what new features are coming in the update. Although there is one of them that seems to be surely there.

Tesla users will be able to remotely view their car cameras

For some time now, Tesla has been talking about better integrating its Tesla “Sentry Mode” feature, sentinel mode in Spanish, into its mobile app. Sentry Mode is a surveillance system built into Tesla vehicles that uses the autopilot cameras around the car, and that the panorama has changed when it comes to curb vandalism of parked cars. On numerous occasions, Sentinel Mode videos have gone viral on the internet, and vandals have ended up being delivered after pressure from people. In other cases, video evidence helped police identify and find the thieves.

The feature was designed on top of “TeslaCam”, a previously released integrated dashcam system with a capability similar to Sentinel mode, but used when someone is in the car. TeslaCam helped several Tesla owners with insurance claims by proving that they were not at fault in some accidents captured by the integrated dashcam system.

To activate the mode functions TeslaCam and Sentry, Owners have to plug a storage device, USB drive or SSD into their Tesla and activate the features in settings.

Originally, the owners had to take that storage device and connect it to a computer to view the footage. But earlier this year, Tesla released a new Sentinel-mode viewer in the car, making it easier for owners to review footage.

There are already rumors that confirm this new feature

Now him hacker@greentheonly“has been revealing new features of Tesla’s software updates, including all of which refer to the previously explained system, in which the automaker is working on letting owners remotely live stream what their cars see with their autopilot cameras.

Tesla owners can now have extensive insight into the health of their vehicles, including doors open or closed, the same for windows, the charging port, and more.

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