India ‘permanently’ bans TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps

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The Government of India blocked last June the use of the short video app TikTok and 58 other apps of Chinese origin – including WeChat and the Alibaba browser – until they could offer a convincing explanation of their use of the personal data of users in the country and other issues on safety matter.

The decision is made after the confrontation of Indian and Chinese troops on the border with the Himalayas

During this time, some of the censored companies and apps have tried to offer their explanations to the country’s authorities. Others have not even tried. Be that as it may, the explanations offered by the apps that did it have not convinced the Indian government, and the country’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Electronics has just decreed a permanent ban on these 59 applications.

At the moment, these apps are the ones that will be permanently blocked. Last september India added another 118 Chinese mobile apps to the list of blocked in the country, such as the popular PUBG video game, also of Chinese origin. However, these “second batch” apps will not be permanently censored yet, as they still have time to respond to questions and requests from the New Delhi government to demonstrate that they use user information safely.

In any case, none of these 118 Chinese mobile applications is expected to pass the cut and convince the Indian authorities, as the 59 apps already permanently blocked, including TikTok, have failed to do so.

The measure has also been announced in the country’s full “war” with China. Troops from both nations had a clash this week on the border with the Himalayas and 20 Indian soldiers were killed. After knowing this news, India enacted the permanent blockade of apps, taking the confrontation between the two countries also a digital aspect.

TikTok is currently evaluating the news – Reels, its Instagram competitor, does work in the country – and has not yet officially pronounced on the definitive blocking of its application in one of the most important Internet markets outside China.


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