Indian news channels banned in Nepal

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Indian news channels have also been blamed for spreading anti-Muslim hatred in Nepal. Photos, Internet.

Kathmandu: Cable and satellite television service providers in Nepal have banned Indian private news channels from airing “objectionable” material and false propaganda against the Nepalese prime minister.

According to a foreign news agency, on Thursday, Zee News reported that Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had sex with Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hu Yanzhi. The channel also claimed that the Chinese ambassador was in touch with several leaders of the Prime Minister’s Communist Party.

According to the international news agency, Nepali companies decided to shut down Indian channels after the Indian media ran objectionable news against the Nepalese Prime Minister. Dharpa Sharma, the vice-chairman of Max Digital TV, said, “We consider it our moral duty to stop the transmission of such material to the public after it is aired by Indian channels.” Another company called Dish Media Network has also shut down Indian channels.

Earlier, Nepal’s Finance Minister Ibraj Khatiwala described the Indian news channel’s broadcast of such news as “immoral” by the Prime Minister and said, “We urge all media, including our neighbouring country, to protect our national identity.” Avoid publishing tainted news.

Earlier, Indian channels were also accused of spreading anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiment in Nepal. Muslims make up 4% of Nepal’s population. On the other hand, the Indian media incited hatred against Muslims under the guise of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Last month, Prime Minister Oli’s government released a map of Nepal that included areas India claims ownership of and disputed. Relations between the two countries have been strained since the move, with the Nepalese prime minister saying last week that India was working to overthrow his government.

India has consistently accused Prime Minister Oli of leaning towards China since the formation of the Communist Party government in Nepal in 2017, while China sees Nepal as an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative.