Instagram adds a “Recently Deleted” content bin

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Instagram has created a new section called “Recently Deleted” in which it will keep all the content that the user deletes for thirty days. It is a kind of trash can where the deleted content will end up: photographs, videos, reels, IGTV videos … and from where they can be rescued if they have been deleted by mistake, as long as it is done before 30 days.

The new feature will be available to all Instagram users in the coming days

The only types of content that cannot be rescued in that time will be Stories, which will also disappear from the trash after 24 hours after publication. They could be restored if they were recovered from this new folder before the 24 hours of their publication, even if they had been deleted.

Actually, this new trash on Instagram works like the one that most mobile phones have and that allows you to recover deleted photos and videos, or the trash of operating systems like Windows, in which it has to be emptied manually. In this case, Instagram will clean the contents of your “trash can” 30 days after they have been deleted and they can no longer be recovered.

Recently Deleted Instagram

But the user will have that time now to rescue them if he wishes, something that he currently cannot do. Today, if Instagram content is deleted, it disappears forever, but with this new function we will have 30 days to recover it, the time that Instagram will now keep this content on its servers.

The new folder that serves as the trash can on Instagram has already begun to be integrated into some profiles and will reach all users in the coming weeks. To access it, you will have to navigate in the Account Options menu, through the following sections: Configuration / Account / Recently Deleted.

If it still does not appear, you will have to have a little patience, but from Instagram they hope that in the next few days it will be available to the more than 1,200 million users that the social network has.

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