Instagram algorithm penalizes Reels with the TikTok logo

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Instagram has taken a long time to take action against those who Only the videos they create on TikTok upload to Reels. From now on, the Instagram algorithm will penalize those contents that include the watermark of the Chinese social network and will limit its reach.

Instagram will also penalize Reels that have too much text

Instagram has located the Reels -the short videos that are edited with music and different effects and that imitate those of TikTok- at the center of its strategy since it launched them last summer to compete with the Chinese-origin app. However, despite numerous efforts to get users to use them, many are just taking advantage of the content they create for TikTok and uploading it back to Instagram in the form of Reel.

Doing so is easy, because downloading a video from TikTok is very simple, although it goes down with that watermark (unless you know how to remove it) and many users take advantage of it to avoid having to create specific content for Reels. But Instagram has gotten tired, and since for them the use of Reels is one of the strategic pillars for this new year, they have decided to take action and begin to penalize this practice.

Instagram has announced changes to its algorithm in this sense and has also provided a series of tips to get more out of the Reels. For example, now Instagram recommends using music from the Reels library or sounds found in Reels rather than using other external ones, if they want their content to rank better.

Instagram also assures that it is beneficial to start “a trend” with other users, create fun dances and develop all content that can train other users through the Reels. It also recommends not filling them with a lot of text, since content that has too much, such as those with the TikTok logo, will be reduced in scope with these algorithm changes.

Instagram has also indicated that it works for improve Reels content recommendation algorithm so that it provides an experience as addictive as that of TikTok, with recommendations really adjusted to the tastes of the users. In that, the Chinese application is very effective, and is capable of keeping users hooked for minutes by consuming short videos that are really relevant to them.


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