Instagram confirms that drafts of Stories can be created

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So far, creating a Story on Instagram is a task that needs to be completed once it gets started. There is no possibility to edit a story, add text, icons…. and continue with your design later. If you exit the function, you will lose everything you created and you will have to start over from scratch.

Instagram has confirmed that it will launch the functionality “shortly”

There is also no possibility of create several Stories and leave them in “drafts” to publish them later, something that would facilitate the task especially for professional users and Community Managers who manage corporate accounts, helping them to manage and plan their content. Also to personal users, who could manage stories to publish them later when they wanted.

However, Instagram has announced that “soon” it will launch a feature that will allow you to save the Stories as drafts and continue editing them later, or publish them at a later time. This has been pointed out by the company briefly and concisely in a couple of tweets published on its official Twitter account.

Little else is known about the new functionality, not even when it will be officially released. The only thing that is known is that it will be “shortly” and that it will satisfy a demand that Instagram users have been doing for a long time. The process of creating and saving drafts is possibly similar to creating and saving posts for the Instagram update feed to drafts.

It will not allow you to program Stories, but you will have to enter the function to publish them manually as before, but at least it will make it possible to have a repository of stories created and publish them whenever you want.

Instagram has made the confirmation after a software developer named Alessandro Paluzzi published on his Twitter account what the draft Stories would be like after analyzing the application code and finding remains of the tests that the company was doing.


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