Instagram continues to copy TikTok and now includes the Remix option

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After a trial period, Instagram has just officially launched for iOS and Android the new Remix option for Reels. This tool will allow Instagram Reels creators to include Reels previously recorded by another user in their clips and edit them for incorporation into them.

Remix allows reels previously recorded by another user to be used in clips

This new feature is almost the same as the “Duets” option of TikTok, the great competitor to Instagram, which has shown great popularity in the application. In this way, the possibilities of creating innovative content, publishing Reels with different perspectives and interacting with other users are expanded.

Instagram launched a first version of Reels, only for certain users in countries like Brazil, at the end of 2019. Last summer it made its launch official, and since then it has been adjusting this application to eat TikTok’s toast. Initially videos were limited to 15 seconds, and then they were extended to double their duration. Now the social network adds a new feature to adjust to the demands of its users: duets or Remixes. This was recently announced on Twitter:

How to use Remixes on Instagram

“Remix is ​​available by default for all Reels that you publish from a public account,” they explain from Instagram. To apply the Remix, you have to click on the three-dot menu that appears next to the video and click on “Remix this Reel”. This will show the original Reel on one side and the new one on the other.

Once this is done, the application already allows record a video that will later be viewed next to the original. At the end of the recording, the Reels Remix allows you to edit the videos and publish them together. When an account uses Remix on one of its Reels, the user who originally published it will receive a notification: “XX has remixed your reel”.

To date, Instagram claims to be satisfied with the performance it is getting from Reels to generate “engagement” among its users. This has been the case particularly in India, where the social network accumulates 140 million users, due to the ban on TikTok in the country. From Instagram they see in the Reels tool a possibility to continue developing and incorporate new ways of monetization to continue their pulse with the Chinese application.


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