Instagram makes it easy to access resources on eating disorders

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Like TikTok, Instagram is making changes to your platform to facilitate its users access to support resources related to eating disorders. The changes made by the company are part of a program that is being developed to commemorate National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Now, every time users carry out a search related to eating disorders, either through hashtags or content, the platform will guide them to support resources so that they can get information about it. Similarly, it facilitates helplines for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Instagram not only includes the support line of NEDA, it also includes those of other associations

As part of the program, Instagram not only adds the NEDA support lines, it also includes the Veterans Crisis Line. As well as the Trevor Project and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This means that the platform tries to attack psychological problems associated with eating from different angles.

Support lines to treat eating disorders added by Instagram

This new tool not only applies to affected users, but to all those who want to learn about the subject and help an acquaintance. Instagram has indicated that it will provide its users with support resources. This in case they want to share content related to the topic. For example, “if a friend is concerned about something they see posted and wants to offer support,” the platform provides more information.

Instagram will promote the publication of Reels that promote a healthy body image

The platform will not only provide access lines to different help centers, as well as support resources, it will also promote the dissemination of Reels that promote a healthy body image.

These posts promote “positive body image, reject weight stigma and harmful stereotypes.” He adds “that all bodies are worthy and deserve to be celebrated,” indicates the company.

With all this, Instagram seeks to create awareness and break stereotypes. As well as helping people in a state of crisis to overcome those psychological barriers that prevent them from accepting themselves as they really are.

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