Instagram prepares a feed of vertical Stories like TikTok

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A feed of vertical Stories, which are passed by sliding your finger up on the screen, as in TikTok, or by pressing on the screen. This is the new navigation system that Instagram is working on.

Instagram would allow browsing the Stories by sliding the screen up

The company has confirmed that it is in development and that it hasn’t even started testing with some users yet. However, developer Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered the functionality by analyzing the source code of Instagram, where it is already implemented.

As he has published on his own Twitter account, the new Stories feed will have an interface that says “Now you can swipe up and down to browse the Stories.” The user will be able to press a button that indicates “Vertical Stories” to browse their Stories in the same way as they do on TikTok, from top to bottom.

At first, the user could choose, but clearly this navigation would offer a more natural user experience, similar to that already used by many other mobile apps. In addition to TikTok, it is also used by the Spotlight section of Snapchat or even the feed of social networks like Facebook.

It remains to be seen if those Vertical Stories would also change the way Instagram’s algorithm treats content. It could be that they enhance video content -to be even more similar to TikTok- since static images may not work as well in this type of navigation.

In fact, Instagram is betting heavily on video content in portrait format with their Reels, which also mimic TikTok videos. At the moment the company itself has assured that they are not having the expected development, but it is expected that considerable improvements will be implemented in the coming months to compete with the Chinese-origin app in this regard as well.

The Vertical Stories feed may never launch. It will depend on the results that Instagram gets when you start testing them with users. In any case, it is still significant how Instagram has its eyes on TikTok – as it once did on Snapchat – and seems to want to copy, or at least test, most of its functionalities.


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