Home Editor's Pick Instagram prepares a very special gift to celebrate its first 10 years

Instagram prepares a very special gift to celebrate its first 10 years

Instagram prepares a very special gift to celebrate its first 10 years
Instagram Prepares A Very Special Gift To Celebrate Its First

Instagram is going to celebrate its first ten years of life in just a few days, on October 6, those that have helped it go from to be a successful photographic social network, to be part of a whole giant like Facebook, which catapulted it to astronomical figures with billions of users around the world and a stable business model that has led to the creation of new professions, such as influencer and instagrammer.

So since you don’t have ten years every day, those responsible for the app have wanted to prepare a celebration in style that will allow Android and iOS users to return to the past thanks to an element that we all keep in our memory: the mythical icon of the social network with that of the old design style of the first iPhone OS from the early 2010s .

Soon we will be able to update the application

It was a Twitter user who has had access to those screens that show that Instagram will allow its users to change the icon of the application to suit your tastes. There will be a single solid color, others less recognizable and then the classics that we have all had in view on the home screen of our phones with iOS and Android for years.

In the case of Android the procedure will be simpler since the Google OS has a function that allows you to enter the properties of an application and choose the icon of all those that the developer leaves there, while in iOS things get complicated, although we can also customize them. Above all, since version 14 is among us and has brought an earthquake of custom themes to our screens.

Although we will expand a little more in the coming days, the way to change the icon of an application in iOS is to send it to the “Applications Library” so that it disappears from the home screen and, later, create a shortcut with a shortcut for which, yes, we select an icon other than the official one. It is a fairly long and tortuous process if we want to modify all the ones we have on the mobile, but that is leading users around the world to change the face completely to their hitherto drab Apple phones. If you are one of those who wants to recover that old retro Instagram logo, watch out for the next few days when the update will arrive.