Instagram records drops worldwide #InstagramDown

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If you are trying to access Instagram, it is possible that the service will not even load, or that if you manage to enter, you will not be able to use practically none of its functions: neither publish content in your feed, nor Stories nor carry out live broadcasts.

Problems are occurring to access the Instagram service normally

For a few minutes, Instagram has been registering access problems around the world. You may try to try some of the solutions for when Instagram does not load, but the reality is that it is not a problem with your terminal or your telephone line: the problem is having the social network, which cannot offer the service normally.

This is demonstrated in the Downdetector service, a website that monitors the online status of most social networks and digital services around the world. The graph of reports of falls grows considerably in the last minutes in countries such as the United States, but also in central Europe, Latin American countries and Russia.

Problems accessing Instagram occur all over the planet. In Spain, looking at the data from Downdetector, falls have already been reported from cities such as Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona.

However, despite the situation and the disruption of service, the social network has not yet offered an explanation why can’t Instagram be accessed normally. Not even in his support account on Twitter, where information about the maintenance of the service is usually offered, has any information been provided.

This has led many users to enter the social network Twitter not only to confirm if Instagram had made a statement, but also to state that Instagram is down and it is not they alone who cannot enter.

As is tradition, the hashtag #InstagramDown, used when the social network goes down, is a trending topic worldwide at the moment.

We will be attentive to the information that arrives from Instagram and to the restoration of the service to update this information.


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