Instagram will launch live chats with 4 people shortly

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Instagram already has practically the functionality that will allow chat live with up to 4 people at the same time and will release it “in the coming weeks.”

This has been confirmed – possibly, by sliding an exclusive – the top leader of the social network, Adam Mosseri, during an interview on the program “A Little Late” with Lilly Singh. According to Mosseri, the feature is already developed and will be released “in a couple of weeks.”

The truth is Instagram has been working for more than a year in this possibility and has been testing the function for some time. In fact, last December it began to carry out some tests with users in India, where live broadcasts have registered a significant increase in use in recent months, up to 60%, and in addition to being one of the main markets for the Internet in number of users, there is another peculiarity: the ban on TikTok.

Instagram direct chat

This is what Instagram has wanted to take advantage of by launching its live broadcasts there in the first place with up to four participants: continue to gain ground from TikTok taking advantage of the fact that it is banned in the country. It is the same move that he made last year when he launched his reels first in India – and tested them in Brazil – and then in the rest of the countries.

Until now, Instagram users could only chat live with another person at the same time, which allowed, for example, to carry out a “one-to-one” interview but not to have a kind of round table with four participants at the same time.

Now, when Instagram launches this new possibility officially, up to three more people will be able to join the broadcast apart from the person who organizes it. The followers of all of them will be able to join the broadcast to comment and leave their questions, send “likes” … or even access other functions such as donations or the purchase of live products.


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