Instagram will penalize accounts that contain hateful messages

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A few weeks ago, Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks due to allegedly supporting the taking of the United States capitol.

This is just the start of a huge social media censorship campaign based on toxic behaviors or spreading hateful messages. The accounts involved in these acts will be blocked.

Through a statement, it was announced that the filters will be much stricter. Remember that the previous measures only penalized with restrictions on being able to comment or publish content with limited actions.

From now on, those accounts will be permanently deleted by the moderators. Offensive accounts can be reported on Instagram and their content blocked so that this content does not appear again.

This is a new batch of measures that Facebook is taking to prevent people from encountering hate messages in its different applications. For now, it is not known if these measures will be taken to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Web: steps to send a voice message on PC

Whatsapp It is, without doubt, one of the most popular free communication applications in the West. This mobile app allows you to communicate with all your contacts in the directory.

You can send text messages, GIFS, voice messages, make video calls and even create and send stickers. In turn, it has a computer version where you can project your account in a browser.

They have almost all the tools of the mobile app and here we will teach you how to send voice messages on WhatsApp Web.

How to send a voice message in the PC version?

  • Scan the QR code to enter WhatsApp Web.
  • Enter the chat where you want to send a voice message.
  • Press the button in the lower right corner (the one shaped like a microphone)
  • When you press it you will get a warning from your browser asking for permission to use your microphone.
  • After giving the relevant permission, the microphone will be opened. Remember to hit the send button to cut the recording.
  • It is essential that your PC has a microphone for this procedure.

Don’t forget that you can log out of your WhatsApp Web account from your mobile device. When you enter the respective section in the app you will find all the sessions that started on different PCs.

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