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Online services have made life easier for users in many ways and in all possible ways. In general, we are all users of these services whether we use Gmail, Trello or Zoom. However, when our work depends entirely on them being active, then it is useful to monitor the services we use.

To achieve this, we want to recommend the use of Instatus, an application that will give you information about the status of your services in real time.

What you need to monitor your services in real time

It may be little known, but many of the services we use every day have a status page. It is useful because if at any time we cannot establish a connection, we can check if the problem is ours or that of the platform. However, when we depend on the activity of 3 of these services, we would waste a lot of time trying to monitor them. Therefore, using Instatus could save us valuable minutes, quickly giving us the information we need.

It should be noted that it is a totally free application. In addition, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Instatus usage system is extremely simple and before starting to use it we have to provision it. This will be nothing more than running the application and indicating which services we want to monitor. Some of the services supported by Instatus are Zoom, Dropbox, GitHub, Cloudfare, AWS, Basecamp, Trello and many more.

If you don’t see the service you want on the main screen, click on the icon with the 3 horizontal stripes to display the search tool. From there, you will have the possibility to type the name and see if it is available.

From here, everything will be a matter of opening the application to monitor our services. If any are down, they will immediately show up in red so you don’t have to visit the status page.

To prove it, follow this link.


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