iOS 14 will bring the rebates to your app store, how will it work?

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The tight control that Apple has over its application store and that, as you well know, is under debate as a result of the latest controversies with accusations by the US Administration of monopolistic practices, or the Fortnite affair that has caused the most mediatic divorce in history with Epic Games, could be making Americans wonder, who seem to have understood the importance of having a good offer available in their online store.

And it is that despite the success achieved by those from Cupertino in the last decade around that gold mine that the App Store has become, It was not possible to access certain discounts or special promotions due to the structure of the system used by Tim Cook’s. Now, that’s going to change with the arrival in the next few days of iOS 14 (and iPadOS), which will allow developers to offer discount coupons to all their customers.

Buy or subscribe cheaper

As the Americans have announced, at the end of the year the developer companies will have the opportunity to distribute discount codes They can be exchanged through the App Store, so that it will be possible to buy or subscribe with a more or less substantial discount. The objective of this measure is twofold, on the one hand to expand the number of users who access premium content within the store, and on the other to recover old customers who, for whatever reason, have left.

These coupons, which define as “Unique alphanumeric codes offering free or discounted pricing for auto-renewable subscriptions“, they will facilitate the management of these purchases without having to pay the tariff price, but a lower one. And not only for a month, but throughout the period that the developer has marked within the promotion: one, three, six or more months with a predefined trial time.

Discount coupons in the iOS 14 App Store.

This new function has the name of “Offer codes” and can be distributed in the way that the owner of the app considers timely, either through its own website, email communications and even in physical establishments if it has a structure (stores, special events, etc.) other than that of the App Store that allows it to reward its most loyal customers .

Apple will put this infrastructure at the service of companies and it will be their decision how they manage it, even going so far as to debate the type of commission that the company will have to pay based on the duration of the discount. We do not believe that those of Tim Cook are softening before the small problems that have appeared in the media in recent times, but quite possibly they are rethinking how to undertake their relationship with companies in the future.

Of course, as far as we are concerned, customers, we will have some limitations when accumulating offers from the App Store And, therefore, Apple has marked a maximum of active discounts that we can enjoy at the same time: ten. At the end of the year they will begin to arrive and will be compatible with both iOS 14 and iPadOS14.