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Based on a 3D printed mockup filtered by Mac Otakara, the iPhone 13 Pro will have changes in the size of the notch, among other features such as the change of position of the speaker and front camera. Remember that one of the most rumored changes is the size of the notch, that some users would benefit from having more space at the top of the iPhone screen. Will it end up happening?

All roads lead to notch change, real leak?

It would be an important change, since, since the launch of the iPhone X, no modification has been made to the notch. Apple indicated that its launch that that screen space is necessary for Face ID technology works and be one of the best in terms of facial recognition.

On the iPhone 13 Pro, the speaker would be on top just like other competing device manufacturers. The camera will be located on the left side of the notch, which is currently on the opposite side. A few days ago, MacRumors leaked the panels that the devices themselves will carry. This matches perfectly with what is shared today by Mac Otakara.

Photo: MacRumors

This mockup and other materials from Apple devices tend to leak from case makers. This happens with the purpose of having several of the accessories on time as protective covers and housings.

Possible measurements for the new notch of the iPhone 13 Pro

Mac Otakara also gives details about the measurements that the new notch will have on the iPhone 13 Pro. They are 5.35mm tall (5.30 mm from iPhone 12 Pro) and 26.80 mm wide (34.83mm 12 Pro). The notch will be higher but less wide.

What would help reduce the size of the notch, they say, is the front camera and the speaker. Apple has strived to be able to give the iPhone the changes that it deserves, of course, to remain one of the most attractive devices on the market. Something that is clear is that it does it because the other competing devices have, or, perforated screen or a small notch.

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