iPhone: So you can use the retro logos of the apps

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If you miss the design of the icons of your iPhone apps to the ones they had a few years ago, we tell you how to do it.

The icons of your favourite apps have changed over time and you may miss the appearance that some had, for example, the vintage camera of Instagram or what the little bird of Twitter. So today we want to share a trick for you to have the retro logos that you like the most on your cell phone.

iPhone: So you can use the retro logos of the apps

How have the logos of the apps evolved?

Many apps evolve their icons to a much simpler appearance, for example:

Twitter: At the beginning, it only had the name of Twitter, but in 2010 “Larry the bird” appeared, one of the last changes was that Larry lost his “fringe” and raised his head upwards, in addition, he went from a light blue to a darker blue.

Facebook: In the old version we find a blue square with the “f” for Facebook, with its corresponding shadow. In the current logo, the «f» is still white but blends with the edge of the icon, making it more minimalist and light blue.

Instagram: He changed the retro camera for a simpler white one with a background of colors in purple, pink and orange

iPhone: So you can use the retro logos of the apps

How to recover retro logos from apps on the iPhone?

You will need the help of Icon Rewind, a tool that will allow you to change the icons of the apps you have on your iPhone to the logos they had a few years ago.

You just have to enter the page Icon Rewind through Safari and choose the retro logo that you want to incorporate into your cell phone, download and install it. Your app will continue to work as it does so far, only the icon will change the appearance.

Among the retro icons that you can change are those of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, apps that you can also enjoy unlimitedly with your Max Unlimited Plan Telcel.

iPhone: So you can use the retro logos of the apps

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So now that you know how to recover the retro icon from your favorite app, which one will you download first?