Is your computer slow? Check if your CPU is saturated with work

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It is a very common situation, to get to work with the PC and see how, suddenly, all the fans that you have available, be it a laptop or a desktop computer, get to work together at the same time as that. we’re doing slows down. And although there could be many reasons that cause it, it is very possible that your CPU does not give more of itself. How can we check it?

There are two causes that can cause your computer’s processor to collapse like this: the first is that the SoC has become outdated and there is no way it can handle everything we throw at it daily. In that case, the only solution is to start thinking about a PC change as soon as possible and, yes, know the limits of what it is capable of carrying out. The second is the one we are going to refer to and has as protagonists CPUs that are still proficient … even if they don’t look like it.

Control what you run

Based on the fact that we have a processor with a certain capacity to comfortably carry out all the daily work that we have in the office, including some other graphic retouching or video editing program, we are going to go to the “Task Manager” by pressing the “Ctrl. + Alt. + Delete” keys.. Yes, exactly, it is the combination that used to restart computers and that for some generations of Windows gives way to a menu that allows us to monitor how and in what our PC works.

Windows 10 Task Manager.

Of all the options that appear, choose “Manage tasks”. Once inside you will see a summary of how the CPU is busy. In our case, a column appears in red, with 100% use, which is very strange if we take into account that we do not have a single application open. So we look in that column which process in the background is taking over all the consumption. If you see that it is not necessary for it to be active, we disable it by clicking on the button that you have at the bottom right of “End task”.

Check all those processes in the background until you clean it as much as possible. If we still want to perform a more in-depth tuning, we go to the “Services” tab to see everything that Windows 10 starts up. You will see that many appear that belong to the start of the system, from Microsoft itself, and that it is better not to touch but in those cases that belong to apps that you have installed. In those cases, it’s time to deactivate them to reduce the workload and see if things improve and the PC breathes a little.. It is a somewhat tedious task but in return we can enjoy a PC that will not make noise with its fans and, most importantly, will be efficient in everything we ask for.

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