“It is clear that there is a link with the vaccine”: an EMA official confirms the link between AstraZeneca and thrombi on the eve of a new European report

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“Now we can say it, clearly there is a link to the vaccine. What causes this reaction, however, we still do not know (…) In summary, in the next few hours we will say that there is a link, but we still have to understand how it happens. European Medicines Agency (EMA), gave these statements in an interview in the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

Let us remember that just a couple of weeks ago, the body that it coordinates itself reaffirmed that there did not seem to be any relationship between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the cases of thrombosis that vaccinations had been paralyzed in much of Europe.

In what situation is the vaccine? How does it affect us?

Throughout the week, the EMA’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) has scheduled a series of meetings to continue monitoring and evaluating the safety of the injectable. Therefore, following Cavaleri’s statements, the publication of an updated report on AstraZeneca’s safety is expected. However, in the same interview, the European official already anticipates that the “risks do not outweigh the benefits”, the connection is extremely rare and, presumably, the recommendations for use will be very similar.

From the first days of the crisis, a good number of groups of researchers suggested that there could be several mechanisms that caused the problem. Of course, despite the headline war, in Cavaleri’s opinion none of these mechanisms has yet managed to prove itself as the link between the vaccine and the problem. However, the EMA continues to investigate the situation and the data that have been appearing can oblige the health authorities to take action on the matter.

Because, although the general recommendations do not change and vaccinations do not slow down (or are reactivated where they stand), the truth is that the protocols must change to try to identify all possible cases and treat them if necessary. Little by little, the AztraZeneca puzzle comes to an end, but there is no doubt that it will go down in the annals of history as

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