It is expected that the Government will extend today until 20th July with current restrictions on international travel due to Covid 19. The Cabinet is due to discuss the matter at a Government meeting.

Under current restrictions, anyone arriving at any airport in this country must self-isolate for 14 days. That restriction was due to be lifted on Thursday but concerns have been expressed that the virus could resurrect if the restrictions were lifted.

The Government has recommended that the restrictions should be left in place at present. It is expected that the cabinet will approve plans to extend travel restrictions at the earliest until July 20th at the earliest.

It is understood that the council will be reviewed every two weeks thereafter.

Ministers will also be discussing whether public health directives are being breached in pubs and other premises, a week after these businesses reopened to the public. This is to be discussed in light of images that surfaced on social media at the weekend and the apparent breach of the public health directives.