Joe Biden wins USA presidential election

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With Donald Trump still claiming fraud and telling lies about the validity of the election, the Democratic candidate has been chosen by the American people as his 46th President

Joe Biden wins USA presidential election

Joe Biden has won the US presidential election.

While Donald Trump is still claiming fraud and telling lies about the validity of the election, he is the Democratic candidate chosen by the American people as his 46th President.

A victory in Pennsylvania, where 20 electoral college votes are available, ensured that Biden had the 270 votes needed to win the presidency.

As the count progressed slowly, Joe Biden was moving forward in Georgia and Pennsylvania and the victory was announced to him when it was announced that he had made the move in Pennsylvania.

Biden’s victory means that a woman, Kamala Harris, has been elected vice president for the first time ever in America and also Harris is the first black man to hold that office.

Biden is the first successful candidate to win President for over 28 years, a victory that makes Trump the first president to fail to win a second term since Bill Clinton defeated George HW Bush in 1992.

At a time when Donald Trump is still claiming to have won the election and snatched the presidency, Biden focused on reconciliation in his first speech as president-elect.

“With the campaign over, it’s time to put anger and rough rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation,” said Biden.

He said he would be President for everyone, regardless of whether they voted for him or not.

Kamala Harris said she and the new President had a lot to do.

Joe Biden has been at the heart of American politics for half a century. He was a senator and vice president and has reached the White House peak on his third attempt at the post.

The 77-year-old Democratic Party candidate is the oldest President ever elected in the United States.

Biden had already tried his party ‘s nomination in 1988 and 2008.

He resigned from the race in 1988 when he was accused of plagiarizing lines from a speech given by Neil Kinnock, leader of the British Labor Party. He received little support in the 2008 campaign and soon withdrew from the race.

He was later selected as a co-candidate with President Obama.

Obama called him ‘America’s happy hero’.

Biden is of Irish descent from both his parents.

His great-grandfather left County Louth in 1850 and Joe Biden was the first Catholic to become Vice President of the United States. He visited his family in Ballina, Co. Mayo in 2016.

His greatest political talents are his working class or ‘blue collar’ background, his experience in foreign affairs and his fascination with the story of his life.

The disaster left a heavy mark on him – the first woman he married, she and her daughter were killed in a road accident and the cancer killed a son.

In 1972, his wife Nellia and their three children went out shopping for Christmas. His wife and Naomi, a one-year-old girl were killed in the crash. Both sons were injured in that accident and Joe was in their care in the future.

Joe Biden and Jill Jacobs met a few years later and married in 1977.

His son Beau was only 46 years old when he died of brain cancer. Beau was also active in politics.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jnr was born on November 20 ,43 in the town of Scranton in Pennsylvania, located in a working class area in the rust zone. Dream was proud of its Gaelic Catholic heritage which was a family of four and Joe was the eldest.

His family moved to Delaware when Joe was 10 years old and it was there that Biden entered politics.

His father was a car salesman but things in that industry were bad in the 1950s and the family moved to Delaware.

Biden often cites that working class background as he argues for his relationship with ordinary Americans and the working class certainly helped to achieve the White House, especially in states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The person like all those who are frank in their scatterbrained speech and who slip his words on him in other slips that attract certain people.

Speaking of his youth, he quotes his father’s advice “My father always ends, ‘Champ, when you are laid down, stand up again’.”

Biden studied law at the University of Delaware and Syracuse University and is often proud that he did not attend any Ivy League university.

His speech was very poor as a young boy, a problem that earned him the nickname ‘Dash’.

Biden says how he got the best of that stop is to recite WB Yeats poetry in front of a mirror and says he advises young people who have the same problem.

He was elected to Senate Biden in 1972 for Delaware at just 29 years old. He was then a Senator for 36 years when he was made Vice President with Obama from 2009 to 2017.

Wearing his hat in this Presidential campaign a year and a half ago, he commented on Trump:

“We are fighting for the soul of this nation, and if Trump is re-elected the nature of the nation – who we are – will change fundamentally and forever and I cannot stand aside watching that happen.”

California senator Kamala Harris chose Biden to stand on the ticket with him. Harris is also of immigrant descent. Her father came from Jamaica and her mother came from India.

Kamala Harris is the first black woman and the first person of Asian descent to be a candidate at one of the main parties in the United States.

Harris is only 56 years old, over twenty years younger than the president-elect.

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