Kalk AP, the electric (and solar) motorcycle designed to preserve Nature

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When we think of electric bicycles or motorcycles, the immediate benefits they cause to the environment come to mind since they do not emit any type of greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. But, in addition to that, its advantages can be even greater thanks to an element that is common to all electrified vehicles: silence.

Kalk electric motorcycle from Cake. Cake

Even if it looks like a lie, there are places in the world where this advantage is crucial to combat scourges such as poaching in some continents hit by this practice. This is the case in Africa, where the rangers in charge of their pursuit find themselves in a disadvantage with their current vehicles that, being combustion engines, make so much noise that they betray their presence, which gives the hunters time to leave.

That is why the Swedish company Cake has further refined the formula of its Kalk electric motorcycles with this exclusive AP edition for these tasks in Africa And that has an added advantage by allowing users to charge it thanks to a solar panel kit. A tool that increases the autonomy of these motorcycles in the most extreme situations, such as the savannah, where finding a plug is almost as complicated as surviving.

It can also be purchased in Spain

This Cake bike has a very simple design but designed to carry out its work in the most efficient way in really extreme situations. Although there is an exclusive edition of 50 units for these ranger corps in the Natural Parks of Africa, it is possible to buy a very similar model in Spain, with proof and everything in case we are interested.

This AP edition does not differ greatly from existing Kalk e models. They include an 11 kW motor that allows the motorcycle to reach 90 km / h., and a lithium battery of 50 aH. and 2.6 kWh. It offers an autonomy of three hours, after which we will have to recharge it in a plug or through the solar panels that it brings with the pack. In addition, this model is designed to withstand heat, so many of its plastic components are made with recycled Triphilon and reinforced with carbon fiber.

Further, includes a satellite navigation, communication and identification service to always maintain contact with the base (in the case of rangers). The price of this special edition is not cheap and stays at around 25,000 euros, and includes two of these Kalk APs and a solar recharging kit. If you are interested, You can reserve it already by paying 1,000 euros with a delivery date in September of this year.

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