Know what happens on your cell phone if you receive a binary code by WhatsApp

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Whatsapp continues to bring news to its mobile application: for example, it is now possible to make calls on the web and even change the background of the conversations with the color you want. However, all the fun can be lost if you receive a binary code.

If you received a text message from a friend or stranger from Whatsapp with really weird and indecipherable codes, then you have to be vigilant and not open the conversation.

Many use binary codes to prank their friends; however, this has become a dangerous practice for those who wish to harm other people or users.

As described Medicenandre, binary code is a long message of algorithms that you may never have seen. If someone sends it to you and you look at it very carefully, it can cause a variety of damages to your Android or iPhone cell phone.


What happens if you receive a binary message in Whatsapp? These are not the emojis that have recently been added to the application, but a text that will seem quite strange when you open it.

If you receive a message with binary code, it may not block, lage or lock the application for a period of time depending on the amount of text you receive.

This is a binary code that you could receive from a stranger on WhatsApp to hurt yourself.  (Photo: MAG)
This is a binary code that you could receive from a stranger on WhatsApp to hurt yourself. (Photo: MAG)

To do this you will simply have to restart your phone, then clear the cache of Whatsapp from the Settings of your device. Then enter the app and then delete the message from where the binary code was sent to you.

If possible, it is better to delete the entire conversation to prevent your WhatsApp from failing again in the future. For such a case, if you receive a similar or binary message, just delete the chat without worry.

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