Leakage reveals how Samsung will accommodate the S-Pen in the Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Recently, Samsung announced the official date for the launch of the Galaxy S21. This is scheduled for next January 14. However, the South Korean giant has not given details about the models it will present. However, some of its most relevant characteristics have been leaking for a long time.

So far, the most speculated model has been the premium model. Of this, practically, most of its characteristics are known. As many of you know, it is almost a given that this one will come with stylus support. But, now one more detail has crept in, the way that Samsung will offer its users to accommodate the S-Pen on the S21Ultra.

The S21 Ultra’s S-Pen will cost $ 49

While it is true that the S-21 Ultra comes with support for S-Pen, it does not have its own space on the device. Hence, this tool would be optional. Users will have to decide whether to purchase it or not. In case they want to do it, they will have to buy it separately at an approximate cost of 49 dollars (40 euros), according to WinFuture.

S-Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra

S-Pen for Galaxy S-21Ultra. Via WinFuture

This tool will allow users to scroll through a presentation, start or stop video playback, as well as turn it into a kind of remote trigger when taking pictures, among other functions.

But what is the option that Samsung offers to those who decide to purchase the S-Pen?

The South Korean company, supposedly, will offer an exclusive case for these smartphones. A case whose design has a kind of slot for the S-Pen and of course that fits the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Special feature that will make these wrappers a little wider than usual.

In this way, Samsung would solve the problem for this S-Pen and at the same time generate more income, after the release of the S-21 Ultra. After all, it is one more product that I would put out for sale.


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