Learn English with Alexa, this Oxford skill will help you improve your level

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Voice assistants are not just making vague inquiries or checking weather forecasts. They have practical features and can even help us learn languages ​​or improve understanding.

“Alexa, open English with Oxford”. Everything begins with this simple phrase. Every day you listen to an audio in English with an approximate duration of three minutes, when it ends, the virtual assistant of Amazon He asks you a series of questions and even tells you if the answers are correct or wrong.

It is about learning the language through interactive routines adapted to the user’s needs as it includes three levels of difficulty (basic, intermediate and advanced).

How does “English with Oxford?

Is Skill provides between 10 and 15 minutes of different lessons everyday. This is a listening comprehension exercise: we first listen to a text and then we answer some questions with three possible answers. You can also choose from three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. If the skill detects that the selected level is easy for us, it will recommend an update.

English with Oxford – Amazon Alexa Amazon

As we discussed, it allows you to choose between three levels of difficulty (basic, intermediate or advanced) and change them at any time and as many times as you want.

Furthermore, dfter each episode, a series of questions are added, that can be answered by the device itself to verify understanding. The application allows access to other information about the reading (summary, author …) through the Alexa card.

The marketing manager of OUP said: “The main objective is to improve understanding and hearing“Refers to an application designed to improve oral English and English fluency. The first four chapters of each difficulty level are free and the rest are accessible by subscription.

A Spanish company is involved in its development

He project is led by the well-known editorial department of the University of Oxford, OUP, and the Spanish company AI software development developer Airtouch Media, specializing in Alexa skills, chatbots, and mobile apps.

“From the beginning, working in English with Oxford has been a big challenge Eloísa Carrasco affirms. We started the project when we still did not know the real potential of Alexa for the educational environment and I think we have not yet seen all its possibilities ”

“We are very proud of English with Oxford because it incorporates a scalable architecture that allows the skill to be extended to more countries and to implement changes in the content from a custom-developed CMS (Content Management System) ”, points out, for his part, Armando Ávila, CEO of Airtouch Media. “In addition, we have successfully addressed various issues related to pronunciations in different languages, which has made this development a very challenging challenge.”

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