Learn how to download the profile picture of any WhatsApp contact

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Do you want to communicate with someone from abroad? Whatsapp It is one of the applications that is used the most to chat with anyone at any time you like. Although the app is completely free, it will soon be implementing a series of changes that could make it a commercial platform.

In the last 2021 policies you have presented Whatsapp At the beginning of the year, there is talk that it will be able to take certain data from you to improve and always filter your tastes or interests around advertising.

Although this has not brought happiness to its users, thousands of them have decided to switch to Telegram, the competition, which not only has the same characteristics of the Facebook app, but also tricks such as the ability to change color, etc.

But if you keep on Whatsapp, then this is the trick you should try in case you want to save your friend’s profile picture. Do you know how to do it the easy way? The steps are simple.


Before you could send and save the profile photo of Whatsapp from your friend. However, as part of the security that the app has implemented, it decided to eliminate those options. But now you can do it in only one way:

  • The first thing you should do is enter WhatsApp.
  • Later, enter your friend’s profile.
  • There, click on the profile photo and it will be seen along with the description that your conversation partner has written.
Remember that this is the only method you can use in WhatsApp and legally.  (Photo: MAG)
Remember that this is the only method you can use in WhatsApp and legally. (Photo: MAG)
  • After that, just zoom in on the profile image.
  • Once achieved, you must take a screenshot on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Then edit it and you’re done. You will already have that profile picture of your WhatsApp friend.

Although the photo is not saved in high quality, at least it is the only method that can be used in WhatsApp unless you restrict the captures in the future.

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