Leawo Blu-Ray Player, a software to play Blu-Ray discs from the computer

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In 2002, Blu-Ray technology was launched with enormous expectations, given the success that the DVD format had achieved. The idea of ​​this new type of optical disc was to have more space for HD, 3D and UHD video storage. However, to this day it seems to have been forgotten and therefore we want to show you how to play Blu-Ray discs from the computer.

To achieve this, we will take advantage of a very complete and useful software that will also give you additional options. His name is Leawo Blu-Ray Player.

The easiest way to play Blu-Ray discs from your computer

At first, Blu-Ray technology created a similar furore that we had witnessed with DVD. In this sense, many players began to be sold and in effect, the quality of the video that was presented was much higher. In addition, Blu-Ray players incorporated a watermark system to prevent pirated discs. Given this, users were forced to purchase original copies of discs that at the moment, simply take up space in some corner.

This is precisely the problem that exists today with discs in this format. You probably bought a lot of them and you no longer use the player, it would even be much more comfortable to do it on the computer. This is where the features offered by Leawo Blu-Ray Player come in with the ability to play Blu-Ray discs from your computer.

In that sense, with this software you will have the possibility to use those movies in Blu-Ray format again. Additionally, you will have other options available that complement the operation of this program very well.

Features offered by Leawo Blu-Ray Player

As we mentioned earlier, Leawo Blu-Ray Player is not limited to playing Blu-Ray disc from computer. Actually, it is a very complete software with which you can also carry out other tasks.

Thus, among the most outstanding characteristics that we find we have:

  • Blu-Ray disc playback.
  • Support for all video formats.
  • Support for audio files in all formats.
  • Playback in HD, UHD and 4K without quality loss.
  • 5.1 and 7.1 stereo audio support.
  • Plays Blu-Ray from Region A, B and C from Europe.
  • Customization options to modify the appearance of the interface.
  • Support for open WPL files.

How to Play Blu-Ray Disc from Computer with Leawo Blu-Ray Player?

If you have a tower of Blu-Ray discs occupying a corner of your house, it is time to put them to use again. Playing Blu-Ray discs on your computer does not have to be a complicated process or take us hours to find a tool to achieve it.

In that sense, Leawo Blu-Ray Player offers the easiest ways to play any disc from its interface. If you have a Blu-Ray that you want to enjoy from your computer, the process begins with incorporating the program to your computer.

Once ready, the next thing to do is insert the Blu-Ray disc into the computer. Then, run the application and on the main screen, you will see the “Open File” button and right next to it, the disk you inserted will be displayed. It is only a matter of double clicking and the playback will begin.

If the disk is not displayed on the main screen, right click and select the option “Open” and then “Open Folder”. This will display the explorer window for us to select the folder that houses the Blu-Ray disc files.

Immediately, it will be presented in the content in the playlist and with just a double click you can start playing.

Why choose Leawo Blu-Ray Player?

Apart from all the technical characteristics that a program can incorporate, there is an invaluable factor: ease of use. Having a software that is understandable and easy to use in all its options is a true wonder for any user. This is precisely what happens with Leawo Blu-Ray Player.

By installing this program, you will forget about everything related to the installation of codecs, unsupported formats and more. Playing Blu-Ray discs from your computer is not challenging at all. It is a process that is reduced to the simplicity of a real Blu-Ray player, insert the disc and start enjoying it.

No matter where the Blu-Ray you want to watch comes from, the program has support for Region A, B and C. This means that it is capable of decoding any regional code. This is great because no matter where the Blu-Ray you want to play comes from, you will be able to watch it.

For these reasons, if you are one of those who have a mountain of Blu-Ray that you no longer use, you can bring them to life again with Leawo Blu-Ray Player. A very complete program, easy to use and with everything you need to enjoy your movies without complications.


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