Lenovo launches an exclusive gamer chair with its built-in katana (decorative)

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No longer only the CPU and GPU of your gaming equipment matter: all the peripherals and accessories that surround that experience complete it, and that’s also true for gaming chairs, which have become a juicy market in which even traditional manufacturers have entered to experiment.

This is the case of Lenovo, which has just launched a gamer chair with a somewhat garish color design but which is above all differential (and very exclusive) due to a very special element: includes a katana in its sheath placed next to the armrest of our left arm.

A katana a bit Excalibur

This gamer chair has a replica of the Nichirin sword, famous for its appearance in the manga / anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” which is one of the classics of this genre and which has inspired this curious Lenovo launch.

The pattern that the chair follows, which has its lower part and its “wings” in maroon color and whose backrest has a pattern with cubes in yellow, ocher and green colors, is also a tribute to the clothing of the personake Giyu Tomioka, one of the protagonists of this series.

The quirky chair is part of a Lenovo promotional launch in Japan, and it’s about an exclusive model of which there are only five units. It is therefore almost impossible to get it and it will soon become a collector’s item, but there is one more curious detail.


It turns out that you can not remove the katana from its case – a bit Excalibur – because in fact Lenovo have preferred to avoid problems. There is no real katana inside that holster, a probably correct idea considering how we gamers spend them when a game causes us those little moments of total fury by not passing a phase or a particular enemy.


Gamer chairs have certainly become a claim for many gamers, and although Lenovo’s proposal is original, is probably overshadowed for crazy proposals like Razer’s Project Brooklyn or the impressive Predator Thronos.

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